Consorzio Italasia

Consorzio Italasia – Industrial Relations is a non-profit multi sectoral consortium, built in 1998 with the purpose of commercial penetration and industrial collaboration for small and medium companies in Asia, particularly in China and Japan.

Besides the main purpose, the consortium – through its branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo – develops actions for the creation of institutional and industrial relationships, it also organizes activities for Italian entrepreneurs in Asia, and for Asian delegation towards Italy.

Consorzio Italasia constantly monitors over the specific opportunities which can potentially interest each Company. This role of match-making is developer both generically and on a specific request.

Furthermore, thanks to local offices, links, institutional agreements and collaboration agreements, the associated companies are always updated on Asian Markets both on the economic side and the technical-operational side.

The direct link with subjects that collaborates with the consortium on the markets of interest and the stable relations with association, chambers of commerce and Asian economic institutions, allows to make accurate market research, feasibility studies, search of partners and development of commercial networks, respecting the needs of the company and the characteristics of the local environment.

Among its main activities, Consorzio Italasia develops and coordinates EU-founded projects for the Asia-Invest Program, for small and medium European and Asian companies. Often these projects are realized with Asian Trade Shows.